Перевірка швидкості

 Check speed

We draw attention to the fact that the most accurate data, in terms of services provided by the provider, can be obtained by directly connecting the network cable to the computer.

If the speed does not really match the current connection type, you can use the following chart to independently find the causes and ways to solve the problem.

Speed  - a certain speed of access to the Internet (channel bandwidth relative to the provided tariff plan) to the world and UA-IX segment. The very same download speed can depend on the resource from which the information is received, as well as the throughput of transit trunk channels.

Speed testing services do not give a correct display and are created for rough calculations; At different times, servers that have a connection for testing can be loaded and produce different results. That is, all such tests are conditional, especially for the foreign segment. You can download a wide bandwidth only if you have multi-threaded download, if the resource allows and can, or simultaneous download from various resources.

If you have a suspicion about the low speed of access to the internet, we recommend that you use the article on our Information Resource.